Learn more about the deadline for abuse survivors to file a claim, learn more about the priests the Archdiocese admits have "substantiated allegations of sexual abuse of a minor," and learn more about local attorney Patrick Cavanaugh Brennan and his effort to help abuse survivors and protect their rights, including how to contact him and his legal team.

Sexual abuse survivors must file a claim no later February 1, 2012.  If you or someone you know was abused, the time to act is now.  Because of bankruptcy law, if a survivor doesn’t come forward now, the survivor may lose their rights forever.  You are not alone as many, many abuse survivors have come forward, and the Archdiocese admits that there are “substantiated allegations” against dozens of priests.  Learn more about the deadline to file a claim by clicking here

The Archdiocese released a “fact sheet” with the names of dozens of priests/clergy about whom there were “substantiated allegations of sexual abuse of a minor,” and it publicly released the names in order to encourage “victims/survivors of clergy sexual abuse of minors who have yet to come forward to do so, knowing that they will be believed.”  While the list of priests/clergy is not exclusive, you can see their photos and names by clicking here

Attorney Patrick Cavanaugh Brennan was born and raised in Milwaukee, and he has been legally representing people in Milwaukee for almost 25 years.   Like many of the abuse survivors, he was raised Catholic and attended Catholic schools in Milwaukee.  He is now doing his part to represent his classmates, peers, and others who survived abuse by priests and others.  Click here to learn more about Patrick and the legal team he assembled.